Fine Stainless Steel Oil & Vinegar Pump Sprayer

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1,Perfect for spraying foods when roasting, baking or cooking.
2,,,Excellent for spraying muffin and cake pans with oil.
3, It is very ideal for spreading olive oil evenly on all the meats  grilled or roasted vegetables.
4,Use it to Spray soy sauce. Spray vinegar & oil onto your salad.
5,Much better and more convenient than using a brush.
6,Healthy way to add more flavor with less fat.
7, Perfect to control the amount of olive oil used in cooking.Which helps us save money and avoid  unwanted calories
8,Safer than using non-stick frying pans which releases harmful substances at high temperature .

9,Simple and elegant design.


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Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 1.57 × 4.72 in


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